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Tone Forrest |
Thanks for developing this site. I am a member of the Studio (since '69, under the name Milton Earl Forrest)now living and working in New Mexico. This far out of the loop, the only Actors' Studio connection I get is from that TV show, which gives me the willies. I'm not a method purist, far from it, but when I see some of these famous interviewees holding forth under the Actors' Studio banner (e.g., Nathan Lane), I have to believe that old Lee is whirling in his grave. This site takes some steps to dispel some of the misconceptions about the Studio, and for that I am grateful.
February 10 2004 - Santa Fe, NM

Anthony Terzano |
"Has anyone ever asked you,what is happiness? what congers up all your emotions?what could ever make you look inside yourself to find meaning, a sense of self worth,what yuo belive is your true calling. Imagine to have a gift to allow another human being to feel. to be able to let the public let thier guard down and open their mind and soulto what you are presenting to them...That is my dream,Iam also convinced that it is my destiny to touch people insome way shpe or form."Acting" Iam looking for someone to audition with at The Actors Stdio in New York if interested contact me at ""
Thank you for this outstanding web site,and I would like to wish everyone out there lots of "HEALTH,LOVE,and HAPPINESS"
February 9 2004 - NEW YORK

Ariel |
Hi, Im Ariel.
I am a stage actress in Japan, I got interested in your audition since I watched it a couple of month ago on TV out here in Japan. and it was quite encouraging that one Japanese actor passed the audition, no Japanese could ever make it!
January 19 2004 - Japan

Karen-Marie |
great site! I am visiting N.Y soon, and would like to know if the Studio is open for the public.
January 10 2004 - Norway

Teodor Petelov
Hello,I`m Teodor and I really enjoy this page because of the useful info. published and I would be glad if I could contact other ambitious young actors.Thank you!
January 2 2004 - Bulgaria

Wilson Limpo |
It seems the words "Stanislavsky," "Method," and inevitably, "Strasberg" are inescapable when one wanders down the dark alleyway of acting. They are like landmarks; quoted by both experienced voyagers and tourists alike. Eventually, we take the journey ourselves to find the source of all these whirling legends and name-drops. Thank you for the precious relics on this website. Good luck on your journey, and see you on the road.
December 31 2003 - Houston

Nicole |
Hi, Thank you for the informative website. I live in Durban, South Africa. Unfortunately there is very little opportunity here for actors and actresses.
December 22 2003 - South Africa

Melva Worthy
I found the site imensely informative. Thank You for your dedication to the craft.
December 17 2003 - Los Angeles

Katy-Anne Bellis |
I am currently studying a BA Contemporary Theatre & Performance degree at Manchester Metropolitan University in the UK and I am working on an research assignment (to be presented in seminar form) about the Actor's Studio, the information given on this site has been the most useful as you have provided an historical library of information for me. I would just like to say thank you very much and I would be grateful of any more information you could give me in the future.
Yours Thankfully,
November 21 2003 - Crewe, United Kingdom

Hi Harry,
Thank you for this website.
November 13 2003 - LA

nutmeg69 |
hi does anyone no where i can get pictures of richard boleslavski from on the net? if so email me at
November 12 2003 - uk

Wagner |
Hi, my name is Wagner and I just have an answer about the actors studio. Id like to know if this one is living yet or not?? Ive read this studio was the perfect to become a star.
November 10 2003 - Guatemala

Jeff Anderson | |
Studying with Teresa Rojas of Prometeo, anyone interested in doing some readings, if in Miami, e-mail
November 3 2003 - Miami, FL

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