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Aaliyah & Ja'Cobie Cooper |
December 19 2017 - Gulfport, Ms

Faisal jameel |
we can't easily find all this things about acting on a single website,But you provided to all of us. heartily Thanks.
November 5 2017 - India

IsbvElalia |
Keep up the excellent work and bringing in the crowd!
October 26 2017 - Burkina Faso

Nxbbjeago |
Wonderful Webpage, Maintain the great work. Thanks a ton!
October 16 2017 - Burkina Faso

Bobbie Vandergelde |
I love Rene Napoli. I followed his advise and got the part in a musical. Thanks for the help. I am still floating in the clouds of happiness.
October 7 2017 - Beverly Hills, California

David Lee Bosley |
From The American Theater To The Actors Studio I have enjoyed the History and Great Talent produced by the masters. Love all of them. God Bless
August 29 2017 - Abilene Texas

Jeanne Ward |
I am going to audition for a part in a film and wanted some tips on how to be convincing as my character. These techniques are very helpful and I am going to get this part.
August 14 2017 - Pennsylvania

Jason Ralph Hillaird |
a Rene is a very emotional character actor. I have seen him in New York. He knows how to have fun in this kind of business and is gifted and unknown. God bless him.
April 9 2017 - LOS ANGELES

Jasey |
Great site I read loads on Method and have used your site lots, Im about to work on George Orwell's 1984
March 5 2016 - London UK

Rene Napoli |
Great company. Thanks for the advice, however, I am glad I still decided to join AGMA.
December 25 2015 - Los Angeles

Victor Ptak |
This was a really useful visit to this site, as a Method Actor I am committed to developing my Instrument It would be wonderful to visit the Studio at some point.
September 10 2014 - United Kingdom

Cynthia Decuir |
Thank you, Harry Governick for compiling this treasure trove of information direct from the masters. I just discovered this site as I return to theatre after 10 years once again in love and awe.
April 11 2014 - Carlsbad, CA 92008

Adiya Mussina |
Last year I studied at the Strasberg Institute and later I got an observership at the Actors Studio. Honestly, this was the best time of my life!! Being a part of this great community, exploring the Method is something I'll never forget and hopefully will share my experience and knowledge with others. I've just discovered your website and I'm so happy, cause it brings back a lot of memories and keeps me working!!!! Thank you
March 13 2014 - Kazakhstan

manuel hernandez |
I read about the actor studio and I follow lots of actors that joined the studio and loved it very famus people and I want to join so thanks keep up the good work.
June 13 2013 - 109 wyatts drive scotia ny 12302

kanwaljit singh |
im an actor working in indian film and tv industry.for every self employed man/woman ther are long periods of unemployment.therefore when ever i start a new project , i like to see your inter action wit great actors - and those are extremely inspiring .
June 9 2013 - Mumbai - India

Vance D. Bloom |
Age 56 Still very much a passion, worked as a gunfighter in "Calico Ghost Town" Yermo,Ca.
April 14 2013 - Rosemead, California

andrea lark |
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April 7 2013 - United States

Giuseppe Santoro |
I'm the italian boy. I have one big dream. Become an actor. You are the most for me!! :)
February 25 2013 - Napoli, Italy

Harry Governick |
Thanking all my visitors for the kind words. Best wishes in your life in art. Harry Governick
December 9 2012 - Saint Louis, MO

Elaine Wynn |
I was looking for general information about acting and this page was everything I needed. Many thanks!
May 21 2012 - San Francisco

Edward Lee Cornett |
Someday I will get there John-john Doc
December 9 2011 - Northern Mariana Islands-Saipan

Oliver Low |
Thanks for putting this up, I found it very enlightening. There's a lot more to "the Method" than I thought. Some correlation with Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, it seems to me. Rock on. :-)
September 25 2011 - England

Angela R |
I've got to follow this dream; thanks for all the helpful info!!
September 15 2011 - Wisconsin, USA

Attila |
Great resources about the Method, thank you very much!
September 12 2011 - Budapest

pratap |
excellent site,really enjoyed going through it
June 21 2011 - india

Luis Miguel Hurtado |
Well, I'm just studying performing arts at my university. What an incredible dream would be to become an actor at the Studio. If I had the chance of travelling to the States, I would't mind about it. About what I've been told, there's enough time as for rehearsing with the group, as well as for looking for a job and even work. Greetings to everyone.
April 25 2011 - Manizales, Colombia

enrico Pelosi |
listen to your heart always he who dares wins
January 3 2011 - perth w.australia

sonia s panshi |
Acting can be learnt if you master it from a school. What you add to acting is your true signature.
November 15 2010 - New York

Marat Gibadullin |
Are the A-listed actors plays by using the Stanislavsky Method or they had invented their own method? I am a professional actor from Moscow, Russia, and I studied Stanislavsky and I believe, that nobody can help you to become an actor exept yourself. You have to create your own tools and find out your own ways to ACTING. And education is one of the tools.
September 22 2010 - Moscow, Russia

thomas pilgrim |
Dear theatregrpup i am a up and coming actor. and am hoping to become a great actor, and hopefully someone like john wayne one the other great western stars. cause i understand you start as in any bus i guss from the bottom and go upwards. yours truly thomas pilgrim
September 4 2010 - memphis,tn.

ulrich sollmann |
just saw some parts of insight the actors studio on TV. Great. Unfortunately I missed Lee Strasberg when he had a workshop at the Bochum theater in 1976. His book on this workshop and the things I rad about the actors studion inspired me very much though I am a body psychotherapist and no actor. Its interesting that both developed seperately on similar basics and with similar methods. best regards from Germany Ulrich
August 15 2010 - Bochum Germany

sonya s panshi |
My dreams are finally coming true.
June 21 2010 - new york

Debbie Overbey |
Wow, it has been 5 years since I last signed the guestbook. How time flies. Break-a-leg, everyone! Debbie Overbey Professional Method Actor & Voice Artist
June 18 2010 - Phoenix, Arizona

June 13 2010 - BRAZIL

Jeremy Anderson |
I'm researching the Moscow Art Theatre and I found my way, not unsurprisingly here. Thank you
June 1 2010 - New Zealand

Harry Governick |
Hello everyone. I'm testing this guestbook for functionality after moving this site to its new home.
April 30 2010 - St. Louis

Thank you for a very good site.
March 23 2010 - ITALY

julian bustamante londoño |
¿Me pueden enviar informacion de, los actores al estudio,al correo electronico?. gracias
March 14 2010 - colombia

Jamie Myrick |
I am a classroom teacher and storyteller. I taught high school theatre ten years ago, and spent the last several years teaching theatre to middle school students. Your cite gave me focus for this new generation of young adults. Thanks. All the worlds a stage but teenagers walk into a room full of drama.
February 18 2010 - California

herbert stone prince |
I am an artist. Artist create. Acting is an art, and my dreams are attached to my creations.
December 31 2009 - Harlem, NYC

Raffaele |
For me the Actors Studio is a distant dream . I'm a young Italian boy, who dreams of becoming an 'actor, in the meantime I studied acting in Italy, one day I hope to do a study proving the Actor New York, after having learned good English, goodbye to all those who already attended the Actors Studio, believe me you're really lucky, I hope one day to join.
December 27 2009 - Italy

Andrés Perdomo |
From Colombia, Greetings for all people, that dream on 35mm.
December 23 2009 - Cali

Mike H |
All of us here at FizzGiz really and truly enjoyed reading Lee Strasberg's lecture. We would all like to thank you for posting the lecture up there. Such an inspiration.
December 17 2009 - NC USA

Rob Coll |
Hello My name is Rob Coll, I am 16, and i live in Macungie, PA. I have always had the dream of becoming a professional actor, and would be willing to work as hard as is necessary to make that dream come true. I hope to be able to make it into the actor's studio as well. I am very discouraged to see that you must be 18 to audition though,but my time will soon come. Thank you for your continuing interest in the depths of human nature.
Rob Coll
February 11 2006 - Macungie, Pa

Alexia |
I have studied in the Lee Strasberg Theater Institude and i must say that the method is the greatest!!!
I'm not american but i will try to audition for the studio soon and that's a promise to myself. It's the home of actors and i hope they'll give me a chance!
February 2 2006 - New York

Suzanne Simnick | |
It's not that life's too short, it's just that we are dead such a long time. Fellow aspiring actors - go for it, make it happen! Bon chance!
December 21 2005 - Evansville, IN

Lydia | |
I'd like so much to take part of the Actors studio!
Please send me some informations about it to reserve an audition. Thanks.
December 9 2005

Doc |
Trying to reach John Solari,Actors Studio. I am old friend from Cleveland days. Please have him contact me. Thanks
November 24 2005 - Cleveland Ohio

Kami Martin |
Thank you for giving true actors a place to go!
November 22 2005 - Northern California

Thank you for the information on the actors studio I found it very informative!
November 16 2005

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Best Of Luck In Your Life In Art!